Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Land of Tegan Podcast - Currently in Preparation

Hello fans! I am starting up a 15-minute podcast from the Land of Tegan: Australia! It will be filled with news (see down), reviews and when they are screened on the ABC here, episode (except SJA and perhaps TW) talk. There will also be feedback if anyone writes in (which I sincerely doubt). I hope to record and edit on Saturdays hoping to get it up by Sundays. Now I have a problem, where do I get my news from? Unlike DWO, I don't have my own personal James so if I could either get someone to email mew news every week for me to read out I have a credit section at the end. Otherwise, please point me in the right direction for finding a page which has lots of news for me to grab. I have asked Silvacat to make my episode artwork for me and I hope he (or she I didn't check) will do a good job! Stay tuned to iTunes for it and please help me to spread the word. Oh, and if anyone knows how to get a link to their iTunes link (like on, please tell me. Hoping to get this up and running next week.

You may follow discussions on the DWO Forums.

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